We help e-commerce businesses change the world

e-comVentures support cutting edge e-commerce propositions and startups with international potential and differentiating customer experience designs.


The key word for us is disruption – preferably of sleeping industries

We invest in strong digital business cases and help release their full potential. Either through joint ventures with brand owners or by executing the business cases through our own portfolio companies – eventually with 3rd party investors.

We favor sustainability, efficiency and convenience, where the use of technology and new business models can improve the customer experience, generate more conversions and distance competition. 

We follow the principle of scaling solutions and propositions after the phases of proof-of-concept and proof-of-business in smaller test markets. Starting with us, we are the partner that also helps identify – and negotiate with – other investors during all need stages of a growing company.


The e-comVentures leadership team has vast and global experience from several industries.

Our core competences cover disruptive strategies, brand building and customer experience design, emerging technologies and digital transformation, new product development and corporate finance. 

e-comVentures’ first portfolio company is TheDearGroup – dedicated to disrupt the food and beverage industry. The mission is to develop new category winners by exploiting and combining online direct sales opportunities, value for money
propositions and sustainability leadership.

“We turn today's disruptive thinking into tomorrow's new standards”

Torben Aagaard, CEO

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